Official Rules:

This is age  based tournament.. We will check report cards & birth certificates. All players must have this documentation @ Check-IN

7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U

Age must be as of August 1st 2018

This is a 2 Game Minimum Tournament. Teams could play up to 4 games.

Game rules:

  • 10 min quarters with Running Clock.
  • The Clock stops on injuries, timeouts, & penalty discussion. & the last 2 min of each half of the clock will stop on first downs, out of bounds, & incomplete passes.
  • Halftime will be 5 minutes

The rules of play for the this tournament are the National High School Athletic Association rules for football with the following changes and/or exceptions:

2 Time Outs, Per Half

Overtime will be a Modified NCAA Overtime. Each team will receive

  • one time out . Previous timeouts will not be applied.
  • The ball will be placed on the 10 yard line.
  • The offense will have 4 downs to score. If the game ends in overtime, the team with the most penetration will be declared the winner

Due to no goal posts, an extra point attempt from 3 yard line is worth 1 point. Attempts from the 7 yard line are  worth 2 Points.

(7u and 8U) Punts will not be live . The Kicking team will have  10 seconds to kick or punt the ball. If the ball is dropped the play is dead.

(U10 teams and under only) Instead of punting you can  also choose to walk off the ball 30 yards. If you choose to walk of the ball the farthest it can be placed is the 20 yard line.

No more than 7 men on the Defensive line unless the ball is inside the 10 yard line . All men on the defensive line must be in a 3point stance (inside tackles).  If a player is standing up he must be 3 yards off the ball unless he is matched up with a receiver.

24 Point Mercy Rule - If a team is up 21 points . The leading team cannot kick onside kicks. This should be a time where you play your weaker players if possible. Lets keep the Kids Safe& Have fun!!

35 Point Rule If the game is in the 2nd half  & a team is up by 45 Points it will be called.= unless losing team wants to continue. this is decided by the losing coach only

Only 6 coaches per team on the field. Coaches will receive wristbands indicating that they are coaches. These wristbands will be checked prior to each game.

The field director will have a roster & will check each player each game to confirm they are on the roster. This is being done to ensure teams do not sneak in players after certification.

You must submit your teams roster by November 22nd.

Ejections – If a player, fan, or coach is ejected they are ejected for the remainder of the game & possibbly for the remainder of the tournament depending on the circumstances, and may be ejected from the tournament.  The tournament director will decide if the person ejected can return. Zero Tolerance for any kind of altercations verbal or physical.

Brackets will be posted 1 week prior to the tournament . Coaches please plan to have your team ready to play early.



We expect coaches to behave professionally.  Any verbal or personal attacks on referees or staff will not be tolerated.  Coaches will be issued one warning after the first offense.  After the initial warning, the coach in question will be expelled from the competition and will not be allowed to coach the next game.


Coach’s must have on team issued shirts or spirit wear.


Coaches must have on coaches wristbands to be on the sideline.  Head coach will be issued wrist bands at certification. Wristbands must be worn the entire weekend.  All coaches must be signed in.  We will only issue wristbands once.  Each team will be issued 6 wristbands only.


Parents are not allowed on playing field ,  Any team violating this rule, will be issued a 15yd penalty at the 1st warning.  Upon 2nd warning, Head Coach will be removed from the game.



All players must be certified by a tournament staff member no less than 1 hours prior to the game. Players will also be given a wrist band upon certification which will be required for them to be on the field. If a players wristband comes off for any reason either during the game or off of the field, the player will have to be re-certified. Any player without a wristband will not be allowed on the field of play.

Everyone wears black so if you have black uniforms please have a alternate uniform or we may have to have teams wear pennies.