The PLATINUM STAR AWARD is youth Footballs version of the Heisman Trophy. This honor will be awarded to the nation’s most outstanding youth football players from, 6th through 8thgrade. (1 winner per grade) Players will be selected based on film, coach’s comments, individual stats, G.P.A., and team and community accomplishments. Players who engage in community service and other productive activities will have a greater chance at winning the award.

Selection Process

To keep the Selection process legitimate, NSR has put together a 11 person, Platinum Star selection committee, with a combined 150 years of coaching and football experience.   These football professionals will evaluate the talent and vote for the winner.  We also get the fans involved in the process with our social media fan vote.  This process allows the fans to Vote via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets making the selection process interactive for the fans.

National Tour

The National Sports Report will travel to the Cities of the winners to present the winners with the most prestigious award in youth sports in their own backyard. Hundreds of Athletes are nominated annually, but the 3 winners, voted by our committee and the fans, must be a winner on and off the playing field. The purpose of this tour to spread the word about NSR and our promotional partners on an intimate yet effective level, while reinforcing our dedication to the development of our youth. Features of the tour will include:


In School Trophy presentation

The National Sports Report will work hand and hand with the recipients school and local media to present the award during school in front of the entire student body. We choose this approach so that the notion of being a “student athlete” remains the most important element of winning the award.


Regional Coaches and youth administrator Meet and Greet

This tour provides us with an opportunity to meet with the local and regional coaching community and introduce our 2017 agenda. This also adds to our growing national coaching databas


Media Day

This gives the youth athletes the opportunity to experience what it’s like to play in a premiere event. National and local sports media will be invited to participate.

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