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Youth Football Insiders

Youth Football Insiders

Twice per month on NSR Sports Radio, the show will feature our youth football insiders from around the country for the scoop on the off season progress of the nation’s top youth football teams, players and coaches.   Youth football insiders must have a passion for youth sports, great communications skills, and again must be entrenched in the local youth football landscape.  The right person can provide information on the top Players, teams and coaches and help facilitate interviews and feature articles.

This is a chance to put your local youth football product on the national map, while giving the great youth football talent in your area another goal to aspire to.  This is also an opportunity that provides a great resume building tool for those looking to start a career in sports journalism.  If you are the right person to be an NSR Youth football Insider:

NSR is depending on our Youth football insiders to identify potential All Americans , Teams for our Top 15 ranking, and provide a monthly report on NSR Sports Radio about the players and teams making noise in the region. Our guys  will provide a non bias and inclusive means of national exposure to all teams and players in their area.

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Meet Our National NSR Youth Football Insiders:

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