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The National Sports report has teamed up with the Football Championship Series to provide the nations first true TEAM National championship tournament. For the first time, regardless of league affiliation, the top teams in the nation can battle it out on the field for a true National Championship.

NSR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP will follow the NSR Top 15 list and The teams ranked in the top 15 at the end of our National Sports Report Youth Football ranking season get an automatic bid and are seeded as such..with the #1 and 2 teams getting a first round byes. We will have “at large” Bids from designated tournaments around the country … also if you win a league national title such as AYF, UYFL, AAU etc… you get an automatic bids as well
The Talk is over ….You Can Now Settle it on the field !!!!


Tournament eligibility

There are 3 ways to get a bid to the first ever true Youth Football TEAM National Championship:

  1. Teams ranked in the NSR Top 15 will receive and automatic Bid and are seeded in our bracket accordingly. The teams ranked #1 and 2 will be rewarded with a first round bye.
  2. Teams that win or are runners up in their city championship are also invited and will be seeded accordingly
  3. Teams that win a post season tournament are also eligible to take place in the National championship tournament

There is a registration fee of $500.00 per team plus an additional $25.00 administrative fee per player and coach


Registered Teams

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The #1 6th grade team the Katy Sun Devils (Katy TX) 11-0
are registered and will bring that size and power to Dallas to Represent TX and the Katy All-American Football League



The #9, 7th grade team by National Sports Report Youth Football the Maricopa Heat (Maricopa AZ) 5-1 are Registered and will bring that ball hawking Defense to Dallas and Represent Arizona and NYS



The #3, 4th grade and under team by National Sports Report Youth FootballThe Prime Time Truth (Sophomore) Dallas TX 10-0 are registered and will bring that fast and furious offense to Dallas to Represent Dallas TX


The # 8, 6th grade team by National Sports Report Youth Football the Otay Ranch Broncos (Chula Vista Ca) 11-1 and SDYFC QBowl Championship Runner up are registered and will bring that great size and speed to Dallas to Represent San Diego County (CA) and SDYFC (AYF)

Otay Ranch Broncos


The Warrensville Cowboys (Warrensville Heights, OH) 5-1-1 (AYF Regional Champions) Winning their league and regional titles, although unranked, the Cowboys 5th grade team received an “AT LARGE” bid and have accepted. They will be representing OHIO and the NORTH COAST YOUTH FOOTBALL CONFERENCE(AYF)


The Warrensville Cowboys (Warrensville Heights, OH) 5-2 (NCYFC Superbowl winner) Winning their league title, although unranked, the Cowboys 7th grade team received an “AT LARGE” bid and have accepted. They will be representing OHIO and the NORTH COAST YOUTH FOOTBALL CONFERENCE (AYF)


The #6, 6th grade Doss Dragons (Louisville KY) 11-0 (League Champs and FCS Regional Tournament winner) are registered and will bring that great offense to Dallas to Represent Kentucky and the KYFL.


The #15, 6th grade OCOEE Cardinals (Orlando Fla) 8-1
are registered and will bring that physical style of play to Dallas to Represent Florida

ocoee card


The #8, 4th grade North Texas Cowboys (Frisco TX) 10-1 (Superbowl Runner up) are registered and will bring that great defense to Dallas to Represent TX and the PREMIER YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE (SELECT LEAGUE).


The #15, 5th grade Lamar Hornets (RICHMOND TX) 9-1 are registered and will bring that great running attack to Dallas to Represent TX and the FBYFL.


The #12, 5th grade Southside Ducks (Houston TX) 10-1(City League Championship Runner up) are registered and will bring aggressive style of play to Dallas to Represent TX and the AYF


The #9, 4th Grade team the Mesquite Jaguars (Mesquite TX) 11-0 are registered and will bring that great defense to Dallas to Represent TX and the MPWFA


The #8, 8th grade Maricopa Heat (Maricopa AZ) 7-0
are registered and will bring that High powered offense to Dallas to Represent AZ and NYS





Event Details:

The National Sports Report and the Football Championship series has put together an event that is second to none and wants this to be the premier Youth Football tournament in the nation. The top teams in the nation that participate in this ground breaking event will experience a first class football product, centered on safety and sportsmanship. This event will include:


Bracket Style Tournamentcombine-personel-2

The top teams in the nation will play in a bracket style tournament over the course of 3 days. The teams that are ranked #1 and 2 in each age group on the NSR top 15 will receive an first day bye.


NSR Testing Combine

NSR wants to provide a athletes the opportunity to compete without pads and gain an early advantage at the National sports Report All American list. This is a fully electronic, NFL style combine and the results will be places on our Combine Results Page. The combine is optional and has a coast of $45.00 per athlete. The top combine performers will also receive gift bags from our sponsors.


Team Welcome Party

This is a time for the team’s and coaches to socialize and celebrate this first of its kind event.


Coaches Mixer

The coaches’ party offers the great men and women who coach these teams an opportunity to get to know each other and non-competitive setting.

Media Day

For the teams that make it to the championship game, the National Sports Report set up an opportunity for the coaches and players to address the media. Players will receive a Super bowl type experience while gaining experience talking to the media

Live online Championship pre-game radio show:

We want to make this event the best experience possible while creating unique ways to add exposure opportunities for young athletes. The live Pregame show will break down the team match ups, provide features on the coaches, and provide an entertaining way for fans to follow the teams.

Post-game breakdown show with interview of the player of the game

The NSR post game show will breakdown what happened on the field as 1 team per division will crowned the number one team in the nation.

Championship Game Webcast:

The National Sports Report will produce first class, online broadcast of the championship games that includes the following:
  • Side line interviews
  • Multiply Camera coverage (cameras provided by AEE learn more at http://en.aee.com/)
  • Play by play commentaryaee-s71
  • Instant replay
  • NSR Player of the game award

Players & (4) coaches receive:

  • Free event shirts
  • Each team plays 3-games MINIMUM with a chance of a 4th
  • Division champions receives National Championship rings
  • Division champions receive free entry into the 2015 event as defending champs!
  • Runner-up receives a team trophy!


Tournament Rules:

[toggle title=”Click Here to View the tournament rules”]


  1. Coaches are required to pre-register all players on our website registration system 10 days prior to official registration the day before tournament play begins.
  2. A full team roster must be turned in at roster check-in. This will remain with tournament staff. Teams are not allowed to add players after roster check-in. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
  3. A certified copy of each player’s birth certificate will be presented to the FCS staff upon registration/weigh-in or the player WILL NOT play! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule so do not ask. A player falsifying their age will be disqualified from FCS Tournaments FOREVER. If a coach knowingly tries to falsify a player’s age, the whole team will be immediately disqualified from tournament play and no refund will be given.
  4. ALL teams are required to weigh in the day before the start of the tournament. There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement. All weigh-ins are final!
  5. Players will not be allowed to use exercise or any artificial means to lose weight the day of the tournament. The safety of the players is of paramount importance to the FCS Tournament Staff.
  6. Any coach encouraging a youth player to lose weight prior to weigh in will be immediately disqualified as a coach and will not be allowed to participate in ANY FCS Tournament forever. The youth will also be immediately disqualified from FCS Tournaments forever. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!
  7. Each Player weighed-in must have his/her numerical Jersey in his possession. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. At the official weigh-in, Players will be given Bracelets or other Identification device that must be worn or attached in a visible location of the body or uniform for the duration of the tournament.
  9. If a player loses their ID they must contact an FCS Coordinator to be re-identified before they can receive a new ID. The player will need to be accompanied by their coach and they will need their birth certificate for identification.



  1. The Team’s Head Coach will be responsible for their team and their Fans. The assistant coaching staff is also under the direction of the Head Coach.
  2. Head Coaches and Assistant coaches must be a least 18 years of age.
  3. A team may have maximum of (7) assistant coaches (8 total coaches).
  4. All coaches will follow rules established by the Event Staff.
  5. Only the Head Coach will be allowed to converse with field officials during game play.
  6. Seven (7) assistant coaches are allowed on the sideline during the game (8 total coaches). The team may also have a medical staff member.


The game is to be governed by N.F.H.S. Rules & Regulations with the Event Staff Rules having the highest authority.

  1. THREE GAME MINIMUM GUARANTEE! Each age division will consist of up to 8 teams and will be played in a true tournament modified single elimination format with consolation games taking place. The two (2) teams with the best record will compete for the division championship. Please see “Sample 3 Game Brackets” at FCSBALL.com for a simplified example.
  2. Only the Event Staff Director can cancel a game due to inclement weather.
  3. Games start on the hour. All teams are required to be at their designated playing field at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled kickoff time. The coin flip will take place on the sideline 15 minutes prior to game play. Teams will immediately begin play at the beginning of the hour at which their team is scheduled to play. If either team is not on the field and prepared to play they will be given a 10 minute grace period. If the same team is not prepared to play at 15 minutes past the hour the team will immediately lose the game by forfeiture.
  4. If a team goes beyond their one hour play time the next team scheduled will begin play IMMEDIATELY after completion of the earlier game.
  5. The field referee will keep time and will make the final decision. At no time will a team challenge the referee. His decision is final!
  6. Games will be scheduled so that no team will ever play back to back games during an FCS tournament.
  7. If a team walks off the field for any reason during play they will lose by forfeiture.
  8. At no time will a coach, assistant coach or any player challenge the call of a referee. If they do challenge they will get ONE warning from the referee. If they continue to challenge they will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and will be removed from the field of play. If they heckle or cause any problems off the field the team will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. The kids are here to have fun. Let’s just enjoy the game.


  1. At the end of regulation play if there is a tie each team will have an offensive series with the ball placed on the 5 yard line. The team with the highest score after each team has had scoring attempt will be declared the winner. (see scoring values below).
  2. If the defense intercepts the ball or recovers a fumble their offense immediately gets the ball on the 5 yard line. If their team has already scored as a result of going first in overtime the game will end giving them the victory.
  3. If there is a tie after the first overtime series play will continue in the same manner until one team scores while the other fails.
  4. If there are field goal uprights a team may choose to attempt extra point conversions from the 5 yard line rather than running the ball. Its their choice. (see scoring values below).Play will continue in this manner until a team wins.


  1. All protests will be brought to the FCS Field Staff Representative who will be present at each game. The FCS Staff Representative will listen to the head coach protest and will report the protest to the Tournament Director for resolution.
  2. The Tournament Director will give a final decision on the protest. At no time will a coach challenge the Tournament Director decision or they risk ejection from the tournament.


  1. If a player or coach is ejected from a game they will not coach or play for the remainder of the tournament and will not be allowed on the field for the rest of the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not tolerate ANY player or coach misconduct, nor should we have to. This tournament series is for the kids to have fun. On average every team will see an occasional questionable call. Referees are not infallible. Give them a break.
  2. Profanity from either coaches or players will not be tolerated. Violators will be IMMEDIATELY EJECTED FROM THE TOURNAMENT.
  3. Any Player/Coach fighting will result in automatic EJECTION from the tournament.
  4. Excessive heckling by any spectator will result in their removal.
  5. We are an alcohol and drug free tournament venue. Any use of these substances are strictly prohibited. Violators will be immediately removed from the tournament indefinitely and will not be able to participate in FCS Tournaments forever.
  6. At no time will a coach get physical with a player including using face masks to get attention, yanking the player, even if they are the coach’s child. A coach will receive a warning on the first infraction. The second infraction will result in his ejection from the game. If he continues in this manner in the following game he will be permanently ejected from the tournament.
  7. Anyone arrested for disorderly conduct at any FCS Tournament event will not be allowed to attend any FCS Tournament event forever.
  8. Pets are NOT allowed at FCS Tournaments with the exception of seeing-eye dogs for the blind.
  9. Tobacco use is PROHIBITED on or near the field/Sideline at any FCS Tournament including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc.


All teams will follow N.F.H.S. rules. STEEL CLEATS ARE NOT PERMITTED! Anyone caught wearing steel cleats will be immediately ejected from the tournament.


1. FCS Championship Series use The National Federation of High School Association rule book and will govern tournament play, with the following changes, exceptions, additions, clarifications and emphasis.

2. Teams will render a hand shake to the opposing team players at the end of the game to show good sportsmanship.

a. Time Outs A team shall be permitted (3) time-outs per half not including official’s timeouts.

b. Game Clock Rules Each game is made up of (4) four – (10) ten minute quarters. We use a modified clock except the last two minutes of each half (runs regulation then). Clock stops on all scores and timeouts. We use the modified clock for efficiency so we can fit in all the games. Average game times run around an hour.

c. Game Officials – A minimum of (2) two licensed officials will be assigned to each game of each FCS game. An FCS Field Director will oversee each division and keep tournament play operating efficiently.

d. Age Cutoff Rule***
FCS uses the same age cut-off for all tournament divisions. August 1st is the age cut-off for each age division. (Age example of the 10 & under: if your team is made up of kids 10 and younger w/ kids turning 11 after Aug. 1st, then you still compete in the 10u division). FCS understands that many leagues have DIFFERENT age cut-off rules and dates and FCS will work to accommodate your team as long as it is within our tournament rules. We do accept teams from GRADE oriented leagues (but there MUST be league proof). A Division example, if your team is made up of 9, 10 & 11 year olds then you’ll compete in the 11u division.

e. Harmful Activities – WE PLAY HEADS-UP FOOTBALL! THE SAFETY OF THE PLAYERS IS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE! WE REQUIRE COACHES TO UNDERSTAND AND ABIDE BY HEADS UP STANDARDS. IF TEAMS ARE CAUGHT TARGETING OR NOT PLAYING HEADS-UP PLAY YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM ALL FCS TOURNAMENTS FOREVER! Every coach will abide by N.F.H.S. rules on blocking and tackling including no chop blocking, face tackling or spearing techniques. Any player “intentionally” violating these rules will be immediately ejected from the game. The field referee’s will have the final call as they see it. There will be NO challenges to their call. The safety of the players is of paramount importance in ALL FCS TOURNAMENT GAMES. Questionable play WILL NOT be tolerated.


The unlimited weight division categories listed below are meant to be a guild. We will be matching up teams by “PREDOMINATE TEAM GRADE”. The goal of this is to keep the match ups by grade and to also accommodate most unlimited weight organizations.

a. 9U (previously 3rd Grade) Cannot turn 10 on or before 08/01

b. 10U (previously 4th Grade) Cannot turn 11 on or before 08/01

c. 11U (previously 5th Grade) Cannot turn 12 on or before 08/01

d. 12U (previously 6th Grade) Cannot turn 13 on or before 08/01

e. 13U (previously 7th Grade) Cannot turn 14 on or before 08/01

f. *14U (previously 8th Grade) Cannot turn 15 on or before 08/01



Skill player max weight is 105lbs. – unlimited line weight. NO PUNTING OF ANY KIND. All punts are walked off 25 yards by officials. Ball starts play at the 30 yard line to begin each half and after each score.


Skill player max weight is 115lbs. – unlimited line weight. Punts are walked off 25 yards by officials. Ball starts play at the 30 yard line to begin each half and after scores.


Skill player max weight is 125lbs. – unlimited line weight. Kick-offs but no punts. Punts are walked off 25 yards by officials.


Skill player max weight is 135lbs. – unlimited line weight.


Skill player max weight is 150 lbs. unlimited line weight. Outside of the FCS rules this age division is played under high school rules, e.g., kickoffs to begin each half, after touchdowns, after extra point attempts. Teams may elect to punt on 4th down or try for a first down.


Skill player max weight is 165 lbs. Players MAXIMUM GRADE is 8th. Any student entering high school in the fall of 2014 is INELIGIBLE to play in any FCS Tournaments.


Skill player max weight is 165 lbs. Players MAXIMUM GRADE is 8th. Any student entering high school in the fall of 2014 is INELIGIBLE to play in any FCS Tournaments. YOU MUST SHOW A SCHOOL IDENTIFICATION CARD INDICATING YOU ARE IN 8TH GRADE OR LOWER to participate in this division.

Tournament division schedules will be released to coaches via our website the Monday prior to the start of the tournament or sooner if possible.



  1. Touchdowns = 6 points
  2. Point after attempt (kick) =2 points
  3. Point after attempt (run or pass) = 1 point
  4. Safety = 2 points
  5. Field Goal = 3 points


  1. Seven (7) – nine (9) year olds will use the K-2 football or its equivalent.
  2. Nine (9) – twelve (12) year olds will use the Junior TDJ or its equivalent.
  3. Fourteen (14) year olds will use the TDY or its equivalent.
  4. No Rubber Balls will be allowed.




Games will be played at:




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