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The value NSR brings to youth players, teams, and organizations is the “attraction power” of the aggregated content from around the country focused specifically on youth and High School Football. Our website is one of the fastest growing sites in this space, receiving 2000 unique hits per day.

While there may be millions of youth athletes playing football today, the market for the content provided by these athletes and associated organizations is local in nature.  Until recently, athletes and their parents were interested only in the local, regional and possibly State stats they thought were relevant to their child athlete.  Today, parents recognize the importance of being on a national stage.

While virtually every league/school has a website, videos and other content related to youth football they attract only those athletes and parents associated with their local market.

The National Sports Report ( is a media outlet for all levels of football news, However we primarily focus on youth football. We want to be seen as the “Associated Press” of youth sports.  To achieve this feat, NSR uses calculated marketing campaigns over several different mediums that provide a professional esthetic for all of our brands.


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