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Prep Eligibility Center


The National Sports Report  is Proud to Announce our partnership with the Prep Eligibility Center. The goal is to make a difference in the lives of student/athletes and the way they project their academic goals and requirements while comprehensively tracking the progress as they pursue their NCAA aspirations. offers student/athletes a chance to:

Select and post classes they are taking. Once the classes are placed into the system under year attending, the program will calculate the GPA for the Core Classes

A student can enter all four years into the program so they might and see how their entire schedule fills in. This is not a feature a counselor can do. Changes can be made, but the student must know that classes are locked and they cannot keep repeating a class to get a higher grade.

There is also a locker room and chat area where student athletes can chat with other like minded people within his/her state and nationally as well.

The student athlete must have a 2.3 GPA in the 10 core classes by the first semester in their senior year to apply to the NCAA Eligibility Center. The Prep Eligibility Center allows the student athlete to stay on top of his/her core class GPA requirements every step of the way.

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