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Don’t Press Send


Don’t Press Send


Texas A&M WR coach Aaron Moorehead took to Twitter to say how he felt sorry for people that don’t understand loyalty. People assumed he was referring to the way recruits commit, change their minds and then commit to another school. An assumption based on a tweet by a top rated athlete who went on twitter to say that he was no longer going to A&M. After Coach Moorehead’s tweet, several other recruits took to twitter, stating they too would be de-committing to A&M because they didn’t like coach’s’ tweet.


“I feel sorry for ppl who never understand loyalty. I can’t really even vibe with u. At the end of the day trust is 💯 & everything else is BS”
— Aaron Moorehead (@Amo8685) May 5, 2016

“I wasn’t even talking about who everyone thinks I’m talking about. I didn’t even know #badtiming #relevanttho #stillnoloyalty”
— Aaron Moorehead (@Amo8685) May 5, 2016


social-media-marketing-2He also tweeted an apology for everything that happened but truthfully the damage was done. We live in a day and age where social media is the way young people communicate. The art of communication has been reduced to shorthand words and emoji’s. Social media is quick, easy and you can not only speak to one person but to large groups of people and it only takes seconds. The down side to this new movement in communication and self-expression is that because it is so accessible, people tend to send messages and posts in the moment that they would not utter if they took a moment to think. Once you press send it doesn’t just go out to the group of people you “following” or that follow you, it also goes out to the people that follow your followers and so on and so on! People can not only see it but they can share it as well until it has a life of its own. Your private thoughts and moments are now able to be viewed, read and interpreted by people you have never and most likely will never meet.

socialmedia (1)


To be truthful social media is a great tool when used properly. It has allowed recruiters to talk and speak with student athletes around the world. The same can be said for the student athletes. Social media has allowed student athletes to get in touch with coaches and recruiters all over the country. It is part of the reason so many “under the radar” athletes are able to get scholarships. Kids from small schools in remote areas are able to post videos so you now have schools looking for talent in places that they didn’t even know had a sports program. I myself have used social media to expand my brand and help meet coaches that can help me build my career.


We have to start educating, not just young people, but everyone on the dangers of social media. Messages and pictures sent out over the internet are “public property” and are open to interpretation. Coach Moorehead may have truly sent that message with someone or something completely different in mind but, yes, the timing was bad and his position as a coach with a high profile team allows people to use his words for their own agenda. It cost former Ole Miss, now Miami Dolphin, offensive linemen Laremy Tunsil approximately seven million dollars. Allowing someone to film him doing things that he felt were private. The truth is that nothing is private on the World Wide Web; this beautiful thing that was intended to bring people from around the world closer has become a world crusher.

Laremy-Tunsil-2    Laremy-Tunsil-3
The thing to do is to think before you press send. Think, “Is this something that represents me, my community and my goals in a positive manner?” If the person that matters to you most would be upset and/or ashamed of how you are represented in the post or picture, look at the post, think about your words and just don’t press send.

Robby Written by Coach Robby Preston



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